MatixSoft - We Do Care!

MatixSoft a San Francisco Bay Area web design company can offer its clients different website maintenance  packages.

The web is still a very unpredictable and uncharitable territory where even the best laid plans go awry. Even after your site is placed at the top of all the search engines, link directories, or portals, there is always a chance that another website will outbid or outmaneuver yours to get a higher ranking. Search engines themselves may change, and sometimes certain categories are merged into others, possibly harming your site placement. Over set time intervals, we can go back and review all your website standings, and make the needed revisions to gain back any decrease in placements. Contact MatixSoft today to discuss the level of maintenance and "web-sitting" your website may need.

Hundreds of our clients all over the world depend on us to keep their website running smoothly and error-free. MatixSoft is an expert at building and developing a top tier website for your company, but what many don't know is that we also offer services to look after the site that we've created. The websites that we produce are a part of us; a piece of the history and experience that has transcended our company thus far. It is within our best interest in assisting you in seeing that the website will have no problems as the months and years go by. MatixSoft offer monthly website maintenance packages to choose from, all dependent on your own staff efforts, and what areas needed on our end to watch for you.

Most maintenance job include at least the following:

  • CMS Software Upgrades
  • Modification and Addition of Website Content
  • Update announcements, articles, etc.
  • Add/Remove/Modify pages (excluding inventory)
  • PDF creation and uploading

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Type of maintenance required